Try Zimbabwe

Frequently asked questions

What currency is used in Zimbabwe?
We use the United States Dollar

What is the main spoken language in the country?
English is the main spoken language

Will we have access to WiFi during our safari?

Yes you will have access to the internet.  All of the places you will be visiting have network coverage.  However, we do advise our guests to resist the urge to post the beautiful pictures of your holiday and react to the many comments by friends and family back home.  We advise our guests to “enjoy the now” and put your devices away.  

What are the passport and VISA requirements for traveling to Zimbabwe?

Guests visiting Zimbabwe must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of travel. Passports should have two blank pages available. Visitors who intend to travel to Zimbabwe’s neighboring countries and back are advised to apply for multiple entry visas.  All travelers need a visa for entry to Zimbabwe. Visas are issued on arrival (VoA) at the respective point of entry and vary in length depending on the need of the traveler.

Which is the most dangerous animal encountered on safari?

Hands down it’s the male Hippopotamus. This is our resident paranoid schizophrenic beast. From calm looking and gentle to angry and offended in seconds. From zero to a hundred as quickly as a Lamborghini. This heavyweight is surprisingly quick on his feet and can easily outrun the average human being. Respect him and give him his space and most importantly follow the expert advice of your guide

Any final advice?

Yes. Obey the golden rule for guests on safari: Do not run from any animal. You can’t outrun anything out here. Whether it’s an elephant, a hippo, a lion, a leopard or a rhino. Do not turn around and flee. You turn on their predator instincts. Behaving like a duck or a rabbit is a sure way to become an equal part of the food chain.

A walking safari is one of the most thrilling and memorable activities that guests enjoy in Africa. There is nothing like walking in the unfenced and uncaged wilderness of Africa. Our guides carry rifles for added safety, fortunately though, we have never had to harm any animal as we tour with guests

Keep your nerve. Many animals “mock charge”. Keep a safe distance and respect the wildlife as you are a visitor in their domain.