The Victoria Falls

The great explorer, David Livingstone was astonished and astounded as he made his way down the Zambezi River on his canoe.

 Nothing could have prepared the explorer as he made his way towards the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in Africa:
The Great Zambezi River turns into the Victoria Falls.  The full breadth of the Zambezi River plummets into a giant fissure.  The Victoria is largest sheet of falling water in the world.  This unique and splendid natural waterfall in one of the original 7 wonders of the world.

 As 500 billion litres falls, water spays back high into the air, creating an permanent rain like sheet. A rainbow that is visible during the day, known as a moonbow, permanently decorates this paradise.

Livingstone reasoned: “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”. Today, visitors fly over the Victoria Falls by helicopter in-order to get a full appreciation of this majestic area.  The helicopter flight is known as the “Flight of Angels”.

The local people call the Victoria Falls, the “Smoke that thunders”.  From a distance, one cannot see the water-falls.  The only thing visible is mist as it rises into the air resembling smoke from a fire.  However, this ‘smoke’ has an unmistakable sound. It roars and thunders.

This natural wonder deserves to be ranked with other remarkable destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef.  It is an awe-inspiring marvel that can only be truly experienced in person.  Pictures and other forms of representation cannot adequately potray this amazing natural feature.  

The shear sound of the water-falls as the breadth of the Zambezi plummets into the fissear is a unique and wonderful experience in itself.

The Victoria Falls is truly a magnificent place on earth and an important destination for anyone who intends of visiting Africa.  At Victoria Falls, there are plenty of activities to entertain tourists after they have seen and experienced the water-falls.



Tourists can engage in their choice of the following activities at The Victoria Falls:
Elephant back safaris
Helicopter flight (flight of angels)
White water rafting
Cruises (Dinner, lunch, Sun Downer Drinks) along the Zambezi River
Game drives
Walking safaris
Bungee jumping
Rhino walks
Bridge swing and Bridge slide (zip lining)