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The Matopos Hills

This National Park boasts the largest concentration of leopards on Earth.  The park is also famous for its large concentration of black eagles and raptors.
In June 2003, the Park was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status.  Some of the oldest rock paintings are found here.  Guests have the opportunity to travel back in time and have a glimpse into the ancient lives of some of the earliest human in Africa.

The historical figure; Cecil John Rhodes, was stupified and left breathless upon seeing this beautiful part of Africa.  Rhodes, who was familiar with Southern- Africa, concluded that this was the most beautiful place on the continent.  In his final will, left instructions to bury him in the Matopos Hills where he would rest in peace amongst the truest African beauty.  Rhode’s grave is situated in a scenic location within the Matopos Hills known as the “World’s View”.

Besides the scenic beauty of the Matopos Hills, another main attraction of this place is the fact that it is an Intensive Protection Zone where a large population of black and white rhinoceros are successfully breeding.  Here guest witness these rare and magnificent animals as they roam about in one of the Earth’s most unique and scenic regions.

The Matopos Hills is fashioned with many granite rocks that were thrust to the earth’s surface hundred of millions of years ago.  The process of erosion has smoothely shaped these rocks into large “whale-back dwalas”, domes, spires and balancing rock formations. 

This granite paradise is decorated by diverse vegetation that supports a wide range of wildlife.  The majestic and rugged terrain of the park is perfect for hiking.