Rhino Conservation

One of the most important functions of Try Zimbabwe is aiding the conservation of rhinos.  The emergency concerning theses majestic animals is very real and immediate.  We cannot over emphasise or exaggerate the sad and alarming plight of the rhino.

According to CNN in December 2012, statistics report that a rhino is killed every 21hours in Africa.  In 2011 more than 350 rhinos were killed in the Southern Africa region.

The rhinos have no chance against the highly organised poachers who are usually armed with night vision goggles private helicopter etc.  funded by Asian countries such as Vietnam and China who believe that the rhino horn has many medicinal benefits…

A rhino horn can sell for many hundreds of thousands of US Dollars each.  The incentive to decimate these animals is very strong.  The often poor and underfunded African governments simply do not have the capacity to fund adequate protection for these desperate creatures.  Naturally, the responsibility of the survival of the black and white rhino is a shared one.  It is our common duty to each do whatever we can do to ensure that rhinos survive into the future.  

You also could make your contribution in saving the rhino by choosing one of safari packages offered by Try Zimbabwe.  Simply stepping out of your comfort zone and coming to Africa to see the wildlife is a fine way to help these desperate animals.  Without your constant visits and interest, fragile species such as the rhino, are forgotten and left to fend for themselves against the merciless poachers.


Click here to view CNN article on plight of rhinos in Africa