Nesbitt Castle Hotel

Located in the leafy suburbs of Bulawayo, The Nesbitt Castle believes luxury extends beyond the accommodations and amenities.  As a guest, you will experience the warmth and graciousness of their staff from the moment you arrive.  

Nesbitt Castle has an extraordinary history of two unusual men with a vision; born in different centuries these men both fell in love with the idea of a gothic folly in the heart of Matabeleland.  And what could be more incongruous than an English fortified castle in Africa?

The first of these men, Theodore Albert Edward Holdengarde, was born in 1877.  He travelled and his stay in the UK particularly in Durham with its Castles and links to medieval history, sparked a lifelong interest in all things ancient and archaeological and laid the foundations for his future home.  Not happy with his original humble abode consisting of two brick and thatch rondavels at Bushman’s Haunts overlooking what is now the Hillside dams, Holdengarde purchased 100 acres of land from the Village Management Board of Bulawayo and began construction of his Gothic fortification that came to be known over the years as Holdengarde Castle.

 A while after Holdengarde’s death the Castle was more or less abandoned and fell into as sorry state of repair.

Digby Nesbitt, a visionary and businessman from Chiredzi bought the Castle from Paul Holdengarde, seeing in the crumbling walls and vandalised rooms the seed of an idea.  With his friend John Osborn the plan was hatched to renovate the Castle, restore it to its former glory and open it as a boutique hotel.  The British Museum even played a role by providing authentic specifications for the casting of contemporaneous armour and other Middle Age artefacts.  No detail was too small, no project too large and in 1990 this Medieval Madame cast off her recent rundown past to emerge in all her glory as Nesbitt Castle, a deluxe hotel of which both Theodore Albert Edward Holdengarde and Digby Sean Nesbitt can be justifiably proud.